TEMA Motion
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TEMA Motion is the world leading software for advanced motion analysis. Starting with digital image sequences the operator uses TEMA Motion to track objects in images, make analysis of the movement and present results in tables and graphs. The flexible windows based user interface makes it fast and easy to find the best setup for your application. The User Interface is fully synchronized: any change of parameters or setup will directly affect all parts of the tracking session, updating results, graphs and tables.The operator can choose between a large number of subpixel tracking algorithms and track an unlimited number of points through the image sequence. The system handles all major image formats on the market. A lens calibration system is included to compensate for lens inaccuracies, which is necessary for high accuracy and traceable results. The result can be presented in any of a large number of predefined graphs and tables. Free scaling for print outs makes it very easy to design reports or images. TEMA Motion has a number of options available, e.g. 3D, 6DOF, Shape analysis, Viewer and Camera control.

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